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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Austin, Texas

As the capital city of Texas and the 11th-most populous city in the United States, Austin attracts all sorts of people. The unofficial slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is more than a suggestion: it’s a fact of life. However, the diverse cast of characters that call Austin home is part of its charm, and part of the reason it’s an excellent place to live.
Unfortunately, Austin isn’t without its downsides. Pests of all shapes and sizes are attracted to homes and businesses in the area, coming inside in search of food, water, and shelter. If you don’t take measures to prevent and control them, pests can quickly overrun your Austin property - making it too weird for anyone to appreciate and putting your family and the structure at risk.
Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone: trust in the pros at Bella Bugs to keep your home or business protected. 

Home Pest Control In Austin, TX

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Ants and bed bugs and cockroaches, oh my! These and many other invasive pests are in no short supply around Austin, and they can quickly make your life miserable if you don’t prevent them from getting inside. However, as a homeowner, there are only so many steps you can take to protect yourself. That’s where Bella Bugs comes in.
No matter what pest is ailing you, Bella Bugs has the tools and experience you need to take care of it for good. Bella Bugs utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to give homes we treat protection from pests both now and into the future. 
Residential pest control through Bella Bugs follows a proven three-step process:

  • Inspection: One of our expert technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home for any signs of pest activity or potential indicators of their presence, as well as conducive conditions that could create pest problems in the future.

  • Treatment: Your technician will perform a thorough treatment of your yard and around your home to alleviate these problems and handle any active pest presence.

  • Follow-Up: Our team will monitor your home and yard to make sure any pests in the area are eliminated. If not, we’ll make return visits to retreat until the job is done.

Don’t leave your home and family at risk of pest infestation for one more day. Contact the pros at Bella Bugs and schedule an inspection so that you can make your home one step closer to being pest-free for good. 

Commercial Pest Control In Austin, TX

Nothing kills a business faster than pests. Whether it’s rodents getting into inventory, roaches scaring customers away, or termites destroying your building from the inside out, keeping pests out of your business is an essential but often overlooked part of keeping your business running smoothly. You often don’t think about pest control for your business until you have a problem on your hands, but once a pest infestation makes itself apparent, it’s impossible to focus on anything else.
Don’t leave your Austin business or commercial property unprotected from the dangerous and destructive pests that call Austin home. Call the commercial pest pros at Bella Bugs for help.
Whether you represent a school, food processing plant, healthcare facility, hotel, restaurant, or other rental property, our team will work with you to develop a customized pest management plan to keep you protected. Combining eco-friendly methods with successful Integrated Pest Management strategies, we’ll be able to fine-tune your pest control regimen to perfectly serve your facility’s unique needs.
When you sign up for professional commercial pest control from Bella Bugs, you’ll receive a pest control solution that works as well today as it will ten years from now. Protect your investment with help from Bella Bugs. 

Preventing Mosquito Bites In Austin, TX

In the spring and summertime around Austin, mosquitoes are practically unavoidable. The high heat of Texas summers combined with the high humidity from living near the coast creates the perfect storm of conditions that allow these buzzing, biting pests to thrive. 
Don’t leave yourself at risk for mosquitoes and the dangerous bites they carry. Here are some effective ways you can keep mosquitoes out of your yard and off your person in the warmer months of the year:

  • Remove any sources of standing water on your property.

  • Make sure that water features like hot tubs are treated properly.

  • Regularly trim hedges and other vegetation.

  • Remove decaying plant matter and leaf piles from your yard.

  • Keep your entire body covered when outdoors for long periods.

  • Avoid being outside at dusk and dawn.

  • Fix moisture problems around your home, such as clogged drains and gutters.

  • Maintain your door and window screens.

  • Keep pools and hot tubs covered when not in use.

However, the best way to deal with a mosquito problem and prevent them from getting inside your yard in the future is to call the pros for help. At Bella Bugs, we have all the tools you need to keep mosquitoes around your property at a minimum. Contact us today and find out why our specialty mosquito treatment services are perfect for any Austin homeowner. 

Common Termite Warning Signs In Austin, TX

When it comes to pests, few are as destructive as termites. Responsible for an estimated five billion dollars in repair costs every year across the United States, termites are a problem no homeowners can afford to have - at least, not for long.
Unfortunately, termite infestations are incredibly difficult to spot once they’re underway. In fact, most of the time, homeowners don’t become aware of a termite infestation until they’re confronted with the extensive damage that has already taken place.
However, there are some early warning signs that can tip you off to an infestation so that you can contact professionals for help. These warning signs include: 

  • Warped wood in walls, floors, or ceilings.

  • Piles of small, translucent wings around or near the property.

  • Peeling or discolored paint on walls and ceilings.

  • Windows that suddenly start creaking or sticking.

  • Buckling and squeaking floorboards.

  • Hollow-sounding wood around the building.

  • Small holes in the drywall.

  • Live termites (very rare).

If you’ve seen any of the above warning signs, you should contact a professional termite treatment provider immediately. However, even if you don’t see these signs, you should still have a termite protection plan in place around your Austin home. Even if termites aren’t there today, without protection in place, there’s no guarantee that they won’t be tomorrow.
Luckily, for termite problems of every shape and size, Bella Bugs is here to help. Contact us today and find out why a professional termite treatment plan is a perfect way to protect your Austin property from these destructive pests.


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