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Are The Crickets In Austin Dangerous?

August 15, 2021

As the state capital of Texas and located in the center of the state, Austin has scenic natural views and the hustle and bustle of big-city life. Austinites may like to keep things weird, but you certainly don't want to play a game of Marco Polo with those elusive crickets hidden away somewhere in your home. Crickets are simply nuisance pests with a distinct chirp that most people find annoying, especially when they make their way into your Austin home.

cricket in the dirt

Description Of House Crickets

"Always let your conscience be your guide," states Jiminy Cricket, a well-known character in the Disney movie Pinocchio. While only a fictional film, it's essential to know what these obnoxious pests look like in reality if they ever get into your Austin home. However, as you probably know, they are most often heard far before they are seen.

House crickets have rounded, stout bodies that are capable of camouflaging in nature. The cricket's head has a pair of black, body-length antennae and is indistinguishable from the rest of the body. Only male crickets chirp and they do so by using their wings. Crickets have six spiny legs that are flat at the end and bent in the middle, and range in size from ½ an inch to 1 inch in length. As the name suggests, the house cricket is the cricket that's most likely to enter your Austin home. They are found throughout the U.S. and can survive in many different habitats.

The Destruction And Dangers Of Crickets In Your Austin Home

Crickets are known to be harmful to humans, but they can be dangerous and destructive. A cricket will rarely bite, and they certainly are not venomous. Regardless, Austin homeowners likely want to keep these pests out of their homes at all costs. The most obvious reason is that crickets can cause sleep problems for you and your family. They are nocturnal pests and chirp at night, so they can cause you to lie awake at night just trying to figure out where they are hiding.

They can also cause more than just sleep loss. Crickets can transmit diseases such as E. coli and salmonella, and the longer they are in your home, the more likely these diseases will spread into your food pantry. In addition, crickets can occasionally carry parasites that spread through their feces and can spread to your pets or cause allergic reactions. In addition, crickets love to chew on fabric and papers, so you may find cricket damage on your towels, clothes, or sheets if you let these pests stick around.

Why Crickets Choose Your Home And How To Eliminate The Risk

Crickets are attracted to light, food, and shelter. They typically find food to eat in your flowerbeds, garden, and lawn. In your cellar or basement, they will continue scavenging for more food, including other insects. Crickets typically hide under objects such as garbage cans, lumber, or rocks or will hide among foliage outside of your property. They will begin to venture into your home, however, when the nighttime temperatures drop and when the outdoor lights or bright lights visible through windows lure them indoors. 

So, what can Austin property owners do to keep crickets out of their homes? Consider the following prevention tips: 
Mow the lawn. Ensure all woodpiles are stored far away from the home and that your yard is kept tidy. 
Keep the kitchen and basement well ventilated and control humidity in your shed, garage, and basement. 
Ensure all points of entry are sealed around the house, especially cracks in windows and doorframes. 
Double-check that your pipes and vents are also correctly sealed.

Contact The Professionals At Bella Bugs

In addition to these tips, the best way to ensure crickets stay off of your Austin property and out of your home is to contact the pest control professionals. At Bella Bugs, we have the tools to kick crickets out and keep them from returning. When you contact us, we'll make crickets and outside noise and not something you have to worry about inside your home. Contact Bella Bugs and get started with immediate pest control today!

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