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Austin, TX Homeowners' Guide To Effective Ant Prevention

June 30, 2021

If the ants are marching in or near your home, you probably have a few concerns. No one likes uninvited guests, and ants in Austin, TX are one of the worst home invaders. With this guide to ant prevention, you can learn how to keep these local pests far from your property.

a carpenter ant crawling in a basement

Which Ants Live Here?

In Austin, there are several common types of ants. One of the most interesting local species is the acrobat ant. This pest has a heart-like abdomen that raises over its head when it feels threatened. Meanwhile, the little black ant is less flexible and simply looks like a small, black ant. You can identify this Austin ant by its small size. If you see large black, red, or yellow ants on your walls, you could have carpenter ants on your property. Unfortunately, these are the most damaging of all the local ant species. They tunnel and nest in wood, which makes your walls the ideal home. Carpenter ants prefer moist and rotting wood, which means water-damaged wood attracts them. 

Also a common invader, the fire ant tends to take over backyards. Equipped with a venomous stinger, fire ants deliver a painful sting to anyone who gets in its way. Some people have allergic reactions to the stings and require medical attention. All of the ants in the area are a nuisance to you, but some of them are also dangerous. Regardless of the type of ants, you have in your home, you can be sure they won't leave without putting up a fight. Once the ants take over, they're reluctant to leave. Your best course of action is to take preventative measures. 

How Do The Ants Get Inside?

You might be wondering how ants manage to get inside in the first place. Ants can get through small cracks and openings to get access to the food in your home. Although your property might seem impenetrable, there are plenty of areas for ants to gain access. The areas around your windows and under your doors are particularly vulnerable. To keep ants from getting inside, you should do the following:

  • Replace Damaged Wood: Carpenter ants can gain entry through water-damaged wood. For extra ant prevention, replace damaged wood and repair any leaks in or around your home.
  • Seal Cracks: Use caulking to seal up open areas around your plumbing and electrical wiring, as well as any cracks in your walls and foundation. Use weather stripping around your windows and doors to minimize gaps.

Why Do Ants Come Inside?

The behaviors and preferences of ants indeed vary by species. However, most ants enter your home in the same way and for the same reason. If they're inside, there's probably a steady source of food for them. Ants eat proteins, sweets, and starches. Typically, they can find this food in your pantry and garbage cans. As long as there are a few crumbs available in your home, ants have a reason to invade. Preventing ants means doing the following:

  • Storing trash in cans with lids
  • Taking the trash outside every day
  • Cleaning up spills and crumbs immediately
  • Storing food in containers with tight lids
  • Doing a deep clean of your home every two months

The Most Effective Form Of Ant Control

The only truly effective form of ant prevention and elimination is to work with experienced professionals here in Austin. At Bella Bugs, our experts know what it takes to keep ants away. We are a locally owned and operated company offering eco-friendly treatment programs. We believe our customers deserve the best and will stop at nothing to protect your home or business from ants and other pest invaders. Call us today at Bella Bugs to learn more about our pest control solutions.  

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