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The Best Thing To Do About Termites On Your Austin Property

June 16, 2021

Termites are often referred to as “silent invaders” because you won’t know they’re nearby until they’ve inflicted enough damage to be noticed. The best thing to do about termites on your property is to prevent them from ever entering. The second best thing to do is to know what to look for when it comes to termites and seek specialized help at the first sign of activity.  

termites in basement

Are Termites Dangerous?

The most common termite species in Austin, TX, are subterranean and drywood termites. They also cause the most damage and are challenging to eliminate. They are light yellow to black and ¼ inch to ½ inch long, depending on which caste they belong to. Workers and soldiers spend their entire lives underground or inside of wooden structures eating, building nests, and defending the colony. The reproductives are the only winged termites and can often be confused with flying ants. These reproductive termites, also known as alates or swarmers, are typically the first visible sign of termite activity on your property.

Termites cause $5 billion in damages across the country each year. Most insurance companies don’t cover termite damage, which means you’ll pay every penny out of your own pocket. Termites threaten your wallet and your home. They consume about five grams of wood per day which causes significant damage over a six-month period. Wooden structures infested with termites will look stable on the outside but be completely eaten away and hollow on the inside. Termite infestations, if left untreated, will lead to the ultimate collapse of your home.

DIY Termite Control And Why It Fails

Do-it-yourself methods for termite control include using orange oil, vinegar, and over-the-counter pesticides to deter and eliminate them. DIY solutions are often marketed as the most economical way to get things done. However, DIY solutions end up costing homeowners more than hiring professional pest control services because it begins a cycle of trial and failure. When the chosen DIY method ultimately fails or doesn’t bring lasting results, homeowners will try another method and then another. In the long run, the most effective and inexpensive termite control is delivered by professionals because they have the experience to know where to find the nests and what methods work and provide lasting results. 

Tried And True Termite Prevention Methods

While DIY termite control isn’t the best form of pest control, there are a few methods that work to prevent termites in Austin from becoming a problem for you. These methods are simple to implement and don’t require any increased costs to basic home maintenance.

  • Reducing soil to wood contact will significantly reduce the likelihood of termites making their way into your home. They travel underground through mud tubes and are rarely seen out in the open. Try keeping all wooden structures and firewood on your property away from contact with soil to prevent termite nests.

  • Keep exterior lights off in the evening as much as possible. Termite swarmers are attracted to the light, and you do not want them anywhere near your home. Swarmers are the reproductive caste of termites and only take flight when it’s time to expand and establish new colonies.

  • Keep moisture and humidity levels low to make your home less enticing. Termites prefer damp living quarters and chewing through damp wood is much easier than chewing through solid wood. Repair or replace any areas with moisture-damaged wood.

These easily managed tasks will help to defend your home from the endless gnawing of a termite colony. It is also critical that if you do notice any termite activity on your property that you reach out for professional pest control services as soon as possible.

The Best Thing To Do About Termites

The sole way to truly get rid of an active termite infestation is with professional assistance from Bella Bugs. Our pest management professionals aim to deliver the best home and commercial pest control services to all of our clients. We have a deep understanding and knowledge of all pests that threaten Austin, TX homes which helps to set us apart from the rest. After a thorough inspection of your home, we will work with you to develop the best plan to fit your needs and budget.

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