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Brushy Creek, TX Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Brushy Creek, TX

Brushy Creek, TX, is a suburb of Austin that is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the area. With the great schools, restaurants, and entertainment options, it's easy to see why. But living in Brush Creek isn’t without problems, and one of the issues that residents face is pests on their property and in their homes.

Pests in your home or business can be an annoyance and put you and those around you at risk for serious health problems. At Bella Bugs, we have a dedicated team of pest control experts whose one mission is to make sure you are protected from the pests that call Brushy Creek home. We promise guaranteed results, exceptional service, and fair prices. So if pests are a problem for you in Brushy Creek, call us today and let us get to work making you another satisfied customer. 

Home Pest Control In Brushy Creek, TX

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Coming home after a long day is great, but nothing ruins that peace and quiet faster than a pest problem. Here at Bella Bugs, we know how important feeling safe at home is to you, and our goal is to keep you and your home protected from the pests that can drive you crazy. That is why we provide full coverage home pest control service that is safe for your home and family.

Full coverage means just that. We don’t just treat the outside of your home or spray around doorways. We treat your entire lawn, every room in your home, as well as your garage and attic. We also perform follow-up visits to make sure your pests don’t return, and you can feel safe and relaxed at home.  

Commercial Pest Control In Brushy Creek, TX

Running a business is difficult enough without the unexpected issues that can pop up. One of those issues that can cause unnecessary headaches for business owners is a pest problem.

At Bella Bugs, we pride ourselves on making sure your business runs pest-free, by creating individualized pest control plans for a wide range of businesses in Brushy Creek. We start by completing a thorough inspection of your property. Based on the results of the inspection, we immediately begin a treatment plan based on the exact needs of your facility. Our follow-up visits are guaranteed to keep pests away.

Trust us to build a pest control plan for your business. We’ll give you one less thing to think about, so you can worry about running your business without the issues that pests can cause.   

How To Protect Your Brushy Creek Home From Bed Bugs

When you think about bed bugs, you probably think of dirty old motels and crowded apartments. While these are hot spots for bed bugs, these pests are also a growing problem in residential communities across the country.

One reason bed bug infestations are on the rise is how efficient these pests are at hitching a ride into your home. Fortunately, there are some ways to limit your risk for bed bugs if you are careful and follow these tips:

  • Avoid putting luggage or clothes on the floor of hotel rooms.

  • Wrap your suitcases in plastic bags when you travel.

  • Always vacuum your bags and wash your clothes when you return home from a trip.

  • Inspect mattresses, especially those purchased secondhand, before you bring them inside.

  • Check drawers and other dark areas of furniture before bringing it in your home.

  • Vacuum high traffic areas at home and work regularly.

If you do find yourself with a bed bug problem, call us today for bed bug control. We can quickly eliminate the issue and get you back to sleeping comfortably in no time. 

A Practical Guide To Ant Control For Your Brushy Creek Property

Some days, it feels like ants are everywhere. They build nests in your backyard, take over your kitchen or bathroom, and generally make life miserable. With over 10,000 ant species worldwide, it's no wonder that you feel like you can’t get away from them.

While a majority of ants don’t pose any threat to humans, some species — like Pharaoh, fire, and carpenter ants — are dangerous. Whatever species of ant it is, you don’t want them around your home or property. The key to controlling ants around your Brushy Creek property is to eliminate reasons for them to be there in the first place. This includes eliminating food and water sources, as well as access to your home. Simple steps like the following can help keep ants under control:

  • Wipe up spills and crumbs immediately.

  • Take your trash out and wash trash cans regularly.

  • Use caulk to seal holes in your walls and foundation.

  • Store food in airtight containers.

  • Keep areas where your pets eat clean and wash their bowls frequently.

  • Keep your lawn cut low.

  • Trim trees and shrubs away from the exterior of your home.

  • Eliminate standing water by fixing leaks and making sure gutters and downspouts function properly.

Along with these steps, preventive treatments from our skilled technicians can build a barrier of protection to keep your home safe from ants, so you can live life without worrying about these pests and the issues they cause. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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