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Cedar Park, TX Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Cedar Park, Texas

Located just 17 miles from downtown Austin, the community of Cedar Park, TX, is a family-friendly place where many Texans come to lay down roots. However, that also includes local pest populations. These intruders are eager to call Cedar Park home, and they seek entry into our homes and businesses for sources of food, water, and shelter. That means we’re exposed to the dangers of pest infestation, and it’s important to secure the proper protections.
Bella Bugs is a locally-owned and operated company that is proud to service properties throughout Travis and Williamson Counties and the surrounding areas. We use eco-friendly pest management methods to tackle the root of your pest infestation, and we offer ongoing services throughout the year to keep your home or business completely protected in the future. No matter your pest problem, we’ve got your back. When you can’t bear the bugs, call Bella Bugs!

Residential Pest Control In Cedar Park, TX

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In order to guard your Cedar Park home (and your loved ones inside)  from pest infestation, we recommend going with professional pest solutions. Our residential pest control services provide full coverage from a variety of common household pests, like stinging insects, bed bugs, rodents, termites, ants, cockroaches, and many others. Our team uses an effective IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system consisting of six basic components:

  • Acceptable Pest Levels – Rather than complete eradication, the focus is on controlling pest levels, and applying controls when pest levels are exceeded.

  • Preventative Cultural Practices – Use of certain plants, foliage, and crops to help growing conditions, and keep vegetation healthy.

  • Monitoring – Inspection, monitoring, and measurement methods used to track pest levels, and keep records of behaviors and reproductive cycles.

  • Mechanical Controls – When pests exceed the acceptable level, mechanical controls are used to disrupt reproductive cycles and reduce pest populations.

  • Biological Controls – Promoting the use of beneficial insects that eat targeted pests.

  • Chemical Control – As a last resort, the use of synthetic pesticides, and biological insecticides derived from plants and natural microorganisms.

After we treat the areas, we offer 60-day recurring services that guarantee long term pest solutions for you and your family. Reach out today to get your detailed, no-obligation quote. We look forward to solving your pest problems, no matter how big or small.

Commercial Pest Control In Cedar Park, TX

Your Cedar Park business is filled with pest attractants, making your facility susceptible to pest infestation. That poses a long list of consequences to the structure of your property, not to mention your reputation and your business’ ability to function. Our commercial pest control solutions cater to a variety of local facilities, including educational, food processing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, and restaurants.
We offer a broad range of pest control services, including but not limited to, bed bug control, mosquito misting, termite treatments, and rodent control. Our solutions are safe for humans, pets, and livestock, and we prioritize taking an ecological approach that eliminates the use of pesticides in and around your facility. Be proactive in addressing your commercial pest control needs, and call us today to get your complimentary inspection on the calendar.

The Dangers Of Stinging Insects On Your Cedar Park Property

Stinging insects are arthropods notorious for carrying venom. They use their stingers to inject the venom into their prey. While human beings aren’t their target, we can sometimes get in the way. This can cause them to react and sting you, sometimes more than once.
This poses a real health risk. There are many people who have allergic reactions to stinging insects, like bees and wasps. The reaction can be fatal if not treated immediately. Even if you’re not allergic, though, you can experience a painful sting that can become severely infected. It’s also important to consider the dangerous distraction that stinging insects can cause.
To protect yourself, and everyone on your property, it’s important to do everything in your power to keep stinging insects at bay. Stinging insects can be very hard to get rid of, and trying to handle the problem yourself is much too dangerous. That’s why professional stinging insect solutions are your best bet. Reach out to Bella Bugs today to get the year-round stinging insect protection you deserve.

Four Best Mosquito Control Solutions For Cedar Park Homeowners

Mosquitoes are vector pests, meaning they are capable of transmitting disease through their bite. When one gets bitten by an infected mosquito, they become exposed to a long list of vector-borne illnesses. If you want to be preventative in your mosquito control efforts, here are four useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Eliminate any sources of standing water around the property.

  • Keep vegetation and landscaping well-trimmed to reduce harborage areas, and entry points.

  • Use insect repellent when spending time outdoors, and wear permethrin or DEET-treated clothing.

  • Use window and door screens to prevent entry, or repair damaged or ripped screens.

The best source of mosquito protection is to contact the experts. Here at Bella Bugs, our team offers reliable mosquito control and prevention services that give you year-round protection you can trust. Reach out to us today to discuss your mosquito control needs; we’re here to help.


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